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=========HomePage=============================================== Computer Troubleshooters Online Store

Welcome to Computer Troubleshooters Bahrain

Feel free to browse our collection for the latest products available in the market. The products include laptops that are from known brands like Toshiba and Dell, in which they are categorized by the type of the processor. There are Desktop PCs as well, which are categorized the same as laptops with special prices. Other products include accessories such as bags, Mouse and selfie sticks as well as headsets and networking devices. You can pay using our online payment services.

Featured Products

Dell Inspiron 5558

Processor: Core i5-5200U
Operating System: Ubuntu
Memory: 4 GB
Screen: 15,6 "WLED TRUELIFE"
Graphic Card: 2GB NVIDIA 920M
Harddrive: 500GB
Camera: 1MP
Optical: DVD/RW
Battery: 4 Cell Bty
Wireless: Intel 3100(ac)
Warranty: 1yr CIS
Price: BHD 290
Linksys E900 Wireless-N300 Router

Wireless-N technology
4 Fast Ethernet Ports
Easy 3-Step Setup.
Price: BHD 14.7
Monster Beats by Dr.Solo Blutooth sterio/MP3 Headset

Blutooth Headset
Mp3/WMA music Format
Stearo Headphones
Speaker 40mm
Frequency Response 87.5-108MHz
white color.
Price: BHD 82
Gigabyte Setto 2 Desktop PC

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When the workshop open and when it closes?

Our workshop is open from 9am at the morning until 6pm at night from saturday to thurseday, and we close on friday.

Where does the workshop located?

It is located in Bokowara in East Riffa. you could visit our main site and see the location on map

Are there any delivery charges?

=========================Page4(Contact Us)=========================================================== Contact Us

Now that you like what you see here and If you need any help in any matter do not hesitate to call use. Our contact information is in the link below.

Contact Page

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